Getting closer to working through the backlog of news. Three more smaller news items for you guys today.

– At the SAG Awards, People overheard Natalie tell Nicole Kidman…

“We have to have playdates with the kids!”

– The of the stars from the much funnier than one would expect, Modern Family, had close encounters of the Nat kind at the Golden Globes at the DGA’s. The first is from 13 year old Ariel Winter and the second from the not 13 year old Sofia Vergara.

“I recently met her at the Golden Globes. She’s pregnant, and she’s beautiful!”

“Leonardo DiCaprio and Natalie Portman, who is so-o-o gorgeous.”

– James Clayton has a sort of review of Black Swan, which also looks back at some of Natalie’s other tortured roles from the past.

“What happened to my sweet girl?” She was held hostage by a theatrical terrorist who tortured her and coercively radicalised her as a political pawn.