In More Euro News

The European Natalie info continues with a new magazine appearance and article, but before I get to that, Herzwerk sent word that Black Swan sold 710 000 tickets in France, which is apparently “huge”. You can read more about Black Swan’s overseas success over here.

As for the magazine appearance, its for Be Magazine from France. The cover photo and article don’t really cover much new ground, but since Anne-Sophie was kind enough to send in an explanatory translation…

To sum up very briefly: Nat says it was very pleasant to shoot NSA after BS. Very great atmosphere while shooting the movie. Ashton was always making jokes about her height (things like: “how can you reach the car’s pedals ? You’re so short!”). Speaking about Emma: contrary to her, she is not afraid of engagement (Millepied). But it was very interesting to understand her character, her fears..but she liked the fact that Emma is completely okay with her sexuality, her desires while protecting herself (in every sense of the word).

Speaking about all her upcoming projects: she said that according to the Mayan calendar, the end of the world is very near so she had to do all of her movies before this date! She is aware that the audience can be fed up to see her everywhere but it was a timing question. Anyway she is going to have a break after the baby is born….

Concerning the baby: she says “I imagine that after its birth, I’m going to want to stay years with it….but everybody is telling me that after 2 months I’m just going to want to hang out and have a real conversation with an adult”.

On the Golden Globes, Oscars topic…..She says that the best thing is to be nominated among actresses she admires. She enjoyed the Oscars roundtable where she spoke with the other actresses about their lives as mothers and actresses.