New ‘Thor’ Trailer

By February 17, 2011Nat-news

A brand new Thor trailer has arrived, including a bunch of a new footage which heavily features Natalie’s character, Jane Foster. Check it out.


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  • amo says:

    hey – am I the only one converted by that? OK, so Kat’s “look! look! this is a young person” character is annoying, but everything else actually looks pretty fun.

  • Juan234 says:

    Looks terrible.

    Sorry, but it does.

  • omgzrachel says:

    I’m with you, amo. I thought the first two trailers/teasers looked terrible, but this isn’t half bad.

  • clone says:

    this ones better,cause anyone who says its terrible isnt into Marvel comic films or there comics. I’ve read alot of marvel comics in my life and this is perfect.natalie’s back in the action, and maybe in a sequal might somehow take thor’s power for a short time as i read in one of the origanal thor comics.

  • cuddlious1 says:

    Yeah I like this one more than the ones I’ve seen before, still on the fence though as I hate big-budget action films!

  • sascha says:

    It looks nice, but I’m still not convinced. It could be a huge action blockbuster or real crap. Gotta wait for some reviews.

  • dazza says:

    Yeah, could go either way. I’m glad there’s at least the promise of some scope to it now.