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By February 17, 2011Site-news

This new poll is quite simple – if Natalie doesn’t win Best Actress at the Oscars, who would your number two choice be?

The Oscar Plan B Poll

As for the previous poll, you guys where overwhelmingly behind Natalie’s jibe at the quality of questions that she’s being presented with of late. Full results are a click away.

What did you make of Natalie’s Academy Luncheon comment?

It was a good statement and politely delivered. – 56.8% (109 votes)

She finally said what so many are thinking. She should have gone even further. – 19.3% (37 votes)

I can understand both sides. It might have just been one of those days. – 11.5% (22 votes)

It wasn’t too bad but she should have rolled with question. – 8.3% (16 votes)

This isn’t the wild west, Nat. Put down your guns! – 4.2% (8 votes)


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  • Ranbirman says:

    I am NOT gonna vote in this new poll! I want Natalie Portman to WIN the Oscar as she was the BEST!!!

  • WanderinRoy says:

    well, I can’t vote in this poll, because the only person that I feel would be justified in getting the award instead of Natalie is Julianne Moore, and she is not even nominated.

    (unlike Annette Benning, Julianne really is overdue for a win, with more nominations than Benning, and many more great performances!)

  • Stefan says:

    First time that I don’t vote here 😉
    There is no plan B – she wins the Oscar!

  • jesslv74 says:

    Can’t vote because I haven’t seen any of the other movies.

  • athena says:

    well I can’t say I’m surprised with the lack of Jennifer Lawrence love because I’m sure a lot of people haven’t even seen Winter’s Bone, but (even though I want Natalie to win) here’s my shameless plug: see Winter’s Bone. Jennifer’s performance is brilliant.

  • dazza says:

    Bening is winning? Wow, I can only hope people haven’t seen the other films. My order of preference.



    If it wasn’t for Nat, I would be thrilled for either of the other 3 to win. They’re all worthy performances and then some. Bening isn’t bad, and has a couple really memorable moments, but for me it’s just not on the same level as those other performances. Not even close.