New Poll + Other Best Actresses Results

I was thinking of doing a joint Hesher-Thor trailer poll, but since the Hesher trailer hasn’t been released in a good quality yet, I’ve decided to hold off on that one for now. Which leaves our man with the hammer.

The Thor Second Trailer Poll

On evidence of the last poll, Annette Bening should indeed be the winner if Natalie doesn’t take home Best Actress. Personally, while she was good, the other 3 women are much more worthy winners. Your results are after the jump.

If Natalie doesn’t win Best Actress, who should?

Annette Bening – 37.6% (88 votes)

Nicole Kidman – 26.5% (62 votes)

Michelle Williams – 23.5% (55 votes)

Jennifer Lawrence – 12.4% (29 votes)