Forgive Me Joey!


A trailer for the upcoming Natalie Portman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Rainn Wilson flick Hesher has been making the rounds online, and Levitt and Wilson are none too happy. It appears this new trailer is not in fact from the studio or producers and, according to the stars, completely misrepresents the movie.

Levitt got on his, what else, Twitter, and wrote: “I really love the way #Hesher turned out, and that hi-jacked ‘trailer’ totally misrepresents the movie.”

Wilson did pretty much the same, writing: “That Hesher trailer that’s up all over the place is NOT legit.”

Okay, so this site is largely to blame for the trailer spreading online. Forgive me Joey, I knew not what I was doing.

Director Spencer Susser released his own statement to clarify the situation and reassure people that the proper trailer will be arriving soon.

Here is the statement for Spencer:

“I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about the HESHER trailer that’s spreading around. I wanted to let you know that it’s far from the official trailer. It’s a trailer cut for foreign markets from the same “geniuses” who tried to change the name to “rebel”. While it’s not a bad trailer, it was created by the foreign sales representatives of the film for the specific intent of explaining the film to people in foreign, often non-english-speaking markets. I’m happy to see that people online like the trailer and are interested in HESHER, but the trailer doesn’t accurately present the tone of the film or the character of Hesher. Anyway, I’m looking forward to sharing the official trailer which will be out very soon and I feel will communicate the film’s intent more clearly.”