Team Natalie Tidbits

After being fairly quiet for a couple weeks the Oscar buzz is kicking up again as the big day approaches. Today we have links to a few people hoping Natalie wins Best Actress.

First up is Natalie’s Anywhere But Here co-star, Susan Sarandon.

Ms. Sarandon took a break to discuss this year’s hopefuls. She does vote, she said, and takes it seriously, but her criteria can be quite personal. “I played Natalie’s mom,” she said of nominee Natalie Portman, “so I feel very connected to her.”

– Another supporter is ballet dancer, Carlos Acosta, who starred in the short film that Natalie wrote and directed for New York, I Love You. Below is just the Natalie stuff, but he also talks about Black Swan.

“It’s a big year for her,” Acosta says. “She’s going to win everything. I remember when she was taking pointe lessons, trying to get into the ballet thing. She was sending me messages, ‘My feet are all broken.’ I would send her messages to keep it up. She’s extraordinary.”

– The final supporter hopes to make a splash as big as Paul the Octopus. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Heidi the cross eyed possum.