Iza was kind enough to translate the interview portion of yesterday’s Grazia scans. Quite a fun little interview as well.

Miss Dior Chérie is the perfume of the young Parisian. How do you feel about being its new face ?
It is an honor. Every girl in the world wants to be a Parisian.

Why ?
French women seem to be so confident and elegant. Effortlessly. It is impressive for an American woman. Here, girls do not have nose jobs, for instance. Not pretending to be anything else, not faking : that is elegance. It is also terribly sexy.

Would you say the same thing about French guys ?
Of course, everyone knows they are the best lovers in the world ! (Laugh).

Perfume : a weapon of seduction ?
I do not like the idea of fighting to seduce. I would say it is reassuring. It gives confidence, glamour and changes the way you walk. It also gives you a chance to be recognizable by your trail, to define yourself, to leave a memory…

Are you this kind of woman ?
(She laughs). Of course ! When I was 10, for instance, you could recognize me by the strawberry scent of my super-cheap gloss.

Miss Dior Chérie is the perfume of youth, do you like it ?
Yes, as far as youth symbolizes purity. What you are before being aware of society’s expectations.

Do you have a lot of beauty products in your vanity ?
Yes ! I always travel with a lot of creams. Moreover, since you cannot take liquids in plane anymore, I have been really unhappy.

You are a true beauty addict…
Well, let’s not exaggerate. At home, I even have a tendency to let myself go. No make-up, old t-shirt, old jeans… Not really a glamorous example. But I have decided to make efforts.

What kind of efforts ?
Not being afraid of wearing lipstick, for instance. I am a little too shy.

Do you have hang-ups ?
Yes, my hair ! When it grew again after V for Vendetta, it was a bit traumatic. I looked like a victim of a dynamite explosion. I did not anticipate it. It was not a pretty sight.

Beauty advice ?
Accept yourself. When I was a teenager, I was the little brunette but I wanted to be Penny, the tall blonde of my class ! Today, I have grown and I accept not being blonde. (Laugh).

Are you confident ?
Well, I try to find a balance : self-esteem is indispensable but doubt prevents you from becoming a complete idiot.