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By February 23, 2011Nat-news

Latino Review has posted an interview from someone who caught an early screening of the film. It’s a really spoiler heavy review, reciting several of the better gags in the film, so my advice would be to just stick to the highlights I’m posting below.

What we got was something so much more, a really dirty movie with so many laughs that my fingers are raw from wiping away tears of laughter.

Portman is also pretty funny and convincing as a badass in the ways of swordplay and archery. As a girl, I was happy to see a character like her, since I’m in the process of writing an adventure comic where the main character is female. The fact that Portman delivers dialogue along the lines of “ the thought of revenge makes a fire burn in my beaver” with a straight face makes them work. This is a really dirty and raunchy movie filled with a lot of blood and violence too. Many of the jokes were even dirty enough to make me blush, yet I still laughed just as hard as many of the men in the theater.


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