2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards

By February 26, 2011Nat-news

I had no idea this was even on. Is it over? I’m so lost. But anyway, Natalie is (was?) at the Independent Spirit Awards today at some point. Evidently, she’s won something. Adding pics as I get them, so check back for more.

UPDATE – Black Swan won big at the Indie Spirit Awards. It was named Best Film, while Darren Aronofsky received the award for Best Director, Matthew Libatique won for Best Cinematography, and Natalie took home yet another award for Best Female Lead. Congrats!


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  • dayanaportman says:

    She won the award *-*
    And Darren also won ♥

  • dayanaportman says:

    ‘Black Swan’ was the big winner at the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards. The ballet drama won four awards, including the ceremony’s most coveted prize, Best Feature.


  • jesslv74 says:

    I’m confused. Below this pic I see a player that says, “Independent Spirit Awards streaming here” or whatever. Isn’t this the same thing? The streaming embed says it’s on live at 2pm EST but aired on 10pm EST on TV tonight, on some channel I’ve never heard of. It was hosted Joel McHale. Cool that Natalie won…probably best actress I’m thinking? Anyway, yeah, so aren’t those two the same things?

  • omgzrachel says:

    Jess, I was also under the impression that this was a live show. The award show took place this afternoon and it’s being broadcast tonight. 🙁

  • jesslv74 says:

    Okay now that that’s over with. Looks like it’s a little windy there! She looks pretty chilly. Hmm…the dress, not liking it so much. It would be cute if it had a different pattern and color. But she looks BEAUTIFUL! Very happy and glowing. She has great taste in shoes as usual but they always look too big. She is very brave wearing such high heels at this stage of her pregnancy. And GEEZ, ready to pop already! Maybe it’s just the dress making her look bigger or the angle of some of the pics. I think she’s gonna have the little one before June.

  • omgzrachel says:

    I’m not the biggest fan of yellow, but I actually like her dress. She looks fantastic!

  • awiseone says:

    The red carpet was streamed live and then continuously repeated.
    They are airing the awards show at 10pm tonight…I’m glad Darren won the award for his directing.

  • dayanaportman says:

    Just one more false advertising from the site of the award –‘
    Unfortunately in Brazil will not spend the show.

  • dayanaportman says:

    I found the dress a bit short, but she is beautiful. And that beautiful belly OMG *-*

  • NPortmanFan says:

    YES! Congrats to Natalie!!! 🙂
    I’m also excited that Darren and Matthew Libatique were FINALLY recognized. And of course Best Picture is fantastic as well 🙂

  • jesslv74 says:

    Yup, I’d heard it was going to take place this morning/afternoon but not shown live, and instead broadcast tonight. Apparently that’s the first time they’ve done this! STUPID! SPOILERVILLE! I mean I’d love to see the celebs and all but the point of awards shows is also to be surprised. But again that’s me and my spoiler issues. So yeah, even then, they are putting it on some obscure channel tonight so I doubt I’ll even get to see it. I’ll have to search my DVR. I am glad the live stream was up for those of us who were here at the time (not me), so thanks Dazza!

    So glad for the wins! I was wondering it might not because the film made so much money, even tho it was an indie. Congrats to everyone involved in the film. I don’t know why but this makes me so happier in some ways than the bigger awards! It’s the first time Darren and the film have won an award, right? That makes it all the better! 🙂

    What was the 4th award? I see Natalie, Darren, Feature, and…

  • jesslv74 says:

    Ah okay I see Matthew Libatique is the 4th award for cinematography, correct?

  • jesslv74 says:

    Indeed! Her smile is fantastic! Lights up her whole face! 🙂 Pregnancy totally agrees with her.

  • jesslv74 says:

    I wonder if anyone can find a transcript of her speech.

  • amo says:

    I LOVE this look. Go Nat.

  • dayanaportman says:

    The dress is shorter than I thought hahahaha. But she is perfect in yellow. I’m worried about the high heel, because it is not good for pregnant women.

  • jesslv74 says:

    AGGH! I do get the channel…the Independent Film Channel (IFC). If no one sees it before I do, I’ll transcribe her speech and post it. I’ll check back later. So excited! Yay!

  • Mockingbird says:

    She looks so fresh and lovely. Huge congratulations to Natalie, Matthew and Darren and all involved with the film. So happy for them !

  • SimonShukla says:

    Congratulations Natalie <3
    you look beautiful <3

  • jesslv74 says:

    Okay I got it. I left in all of her “um’s” and “uh’s,”…hope that’s okay and not too distracting (Dazza, take them out if you think it would be more understandable). It was VERY cold and she was wrapped up in like two jackets but as you all saw she went up in just her dress. And I guess part of the stage was slippery which is why she said what she did at the end of the speech. Hopefully I got everything right and spell-checked.

    “Hi. Thank you, thank you so much, this is so meaningful to me. Um, this is my first time here and I think um, it speaks so much to the independent film making community that there could be six incredible performances in this category this year. Um, actresses I so admire – Annette, Nicole, Michelle, Greta, Jennifer, um, you are all um, absolutely inspirational to me and I watch everything you do so, so closely and learn so much from it. Um, uh this was, as Darren said, such uh, an independent film making experience um, we had the bond company on set for the last two months and it was like a two and a half month shoot and um, you know, my ballet teachers were like, ‘So when do we get paid?’ And um, really thanks Fox Searchlight for taking this um, this risk with us. And also just to be among all of these female filmmakers. I love you male filmmakers too but to have, you know, Lena Dunham and Nicole Holofcener, um, Lisa Cholodenko and Debra Granik, it’s…it’s…to recognize these people in um, you know, an industry with a different set of standards, is a great honor to be in this room with you. Um, and I just, thank you, thank you very much. This is slippery, it’s scary.”

  • czechpavlina says:

    Wow! She looks sooo beautiful ♥

  • natpfan1 says:

    Finally Darren Aronofsky gets some recognition! And I’m glad Matthew Libatique won Best Cinematography, his work was really amazing! Wouldn’t have given Black Swan Best Film though but it’s still great!

    Natalie looks lovely and sweet with this look.

  • Syady says:

    Congrates Natalie.. – Luv frm Singapore Fan..

  • iAdoreNatalie says:

    I love her look her. Very different from her other red carpet look. She looks so chic. I love the yellow on her. CUTE! 🙂

    Congratulations to black swan. (⌒-⌒; )