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By January 10, 2015Nat-news

It’s great seeing Jane Got A Gun content finally emerging from the shadows. Today we have the first on set photo of Natalie. She’s posing with Joel Edgerton, writer (the rewrite, not the original script) Anthony Tambakis, and a good ‘ol stars and stripes.

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Thanks to 15milestation and Szabolcs.


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  • Elin says:

    Love the length of her hair (yeah I know, what a superficial thing to comment on) but man, she looks really tired in that picture. Probably taken after a day of hard work!

  • achtung_natalie says:

    She looks like a super model in that pic!

    Why is Edgerton in the movie again? His acting is so bleh…

  • Mandip says:

    I think Edgerton is a good actor. Plus here we have Uncle Owen and Padme Amidala – last acted together in Attack of the Clones! WOW – – – all those years ago.