New Poll + Thor Trailer Results

This was quite an easy choice for a new poll topic.

So, how did you feel about that Oscar win then?

As for the previous poll, the results were decent about the latest Thor trailer, but there seems to be a lot of apathy on the part of Natalie fans towards the film. Will be interesting to see if some good reviews or publicity leading up to release can stoke the fires a bit.

You can find the full results after the jump.

What did you make of the new Thor trailer?

That’s much more like it. My hope is growing. – 38% (63 votes)

It looks brilliant. I cannot wait. – 29.5% (49 votes)

I still think it can go either way. – 16.3% (27 votes)

Better but it’s still not doing much for me. – 11.4% (19 votes)

It looks awful. – 4.8% (8 votes)