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By February 28, 2011Nat-news

Let’s start with Natalie’s acceptance speech. First up is the full clip from the reading of her name right till the end. But it was recorded off a TV so the quality isn’t great.

Option 2 is missing the beginning and end, but the quality is good.

Natalie answering questions for the press room backstage, including once more reiterating that she doesn’t know the sex of her child.

With what looks like a freaking Big Brother spy cam, ABC have captured a sweet backstage moment between Natalie and Benjamin.

And finally, what seems to be an engraving of Natalie’s Oscar statue? I’m not really sure what the process is but they’re doing something to it for her.

More to come…


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  • Stefan says:

    First video the greatest – I think.
    Bad quality but it shows the full length 😉
    *wipe a tear from my eye*

  • madonion2 says:

    She says she doesn’t know her child’s sex.

  • aurore2704 says:

    Yes, they are engraving the statue, I can see picture on the Telegraph which the caption was this !

  • rosajg says:

    in the third video the guy it’s puttin Natalie’s name on her statue 🙂

  • gradually_suddenly says:

    I thought her acceptance speech was sincere and professional, and I really liked how she thanked the people on set who often don’t get recognition for their work.

  • huc says:

    Maybe they are putting some sort of plate on the statue?

  • jesslv74 says:

    I KNEW that last one was a rumor. I still think she’s having a girl.

  • WróbelekElemelek says:

    Benjamin, despite the fact that our whole life working in pantyhose, tonight I want to be you.

  • biffyrules says:

    actually cried at her oscar acceptance speech. she truly is one of the most inspirational people in the world.

  • bambu says:

    so0o0 beauty natalie

  • jsims321 says:

    Have you guys checked this out? Its a clip of Natalie and Michelle Williams for MOCA

  • jesslv74 says:

    I loved how Benjamin gave her a kiss and then escorted her up to the stage…it was so sweet. And I agree with gradually_suddenly about all of the people she named…I was thinking that was well during her speech. It was a small crew but still, not everyone will do that. I think it was probably one of her best speeches this year.

  • Mockingbird says:

    She looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the videos. She must be relieved the whole awards hoolpa is over and she can rest. You can tell she is really tired and it must be annoying with people asking about her pregnancy and baby constantly.

  • teatray says:

    Natalie was so full of grace and beauty at the oscars… and gave her best acceptance speech of the awards season (under all that pressure she must have been feeling). what a pro! she is amazing.

  • iAdoreNatalie says:

    that 2nd video is so sweet. PDA much but it show their love <3

    i found a video of nat being interviewed post oscar. i think its the same with the above vid but only longer. 🙂

    here it is: