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There are a lot of poll ideas clanking around my otherwise empty brain at the moment, but I think this one is the most pertinent. I want you guys to tell me who is the biggest villain of the moment?

John Galliano, Mike Huckabee or Charlie Sheen…even though Charlie has nothing to do with Natalie. Every poll needs a wildcard!

The “who is the douchiest douche of all?” poll

As for the previous poll, there was a lot of love for Natalie’s Academy and Spirit Award looks. But the winner was very clear – hit the jump to find out.

Which look was better?

Academy Awards – 52.6% (162 votes)

They were both great – 30.2% (93 votes)

Independent Spirit Awards – 13.6% (42 votes)

They were both disappointing – 3.6% (11 votes)


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  • spoonbat says:

    Sheen is the biggest prick but I think you need to add Michael Medved in there too. He was the one who baited Huckabee the question…

  • dazza says:


  • amo says:

    I voted for Huckabee. The other two are almost certainly mentally ill. What’s his excuse?

  • natasc says:

    Agree with “amo”, I voted for Huckabee as well. Totally unnecessary comment from him.
    Sheen is a wacko and Galliano is such a showmen with no limits that he forgot how and when stop “causing” as we say here.

  • NPortmanFan says:

    Can’t I vote for all of them? lol

  • Beti-88 says:

    Sheen is not a douche, he’s just fucked up.

  • natness says:

    I didn´t follow their careers and they don´t enjoy extensive media coverage where I live (except Charlie Sheen), but as far as I know Huckabee is just a conservative with a slightly odd (yet not surprising) opinion and Sheen is just, as Beti-88 put it, “fucked up”. So I voted for Galliano: a flamboyant anti-semite.

  • PatrynXX says:

    Charlie’s just fine. Acting more like MR Pheonix which I can’t spell… after J Pheonix’s 3 year act. Kinda take Sheen’s act as a joke. can’t believe Denice Richardson dropped him for Nikki Sixx. Nikki is like the ultimate peak of pornstars drooling. ie why Sandra Bullock ever married Jesse James I have no idea. Can’t believe Mike’s being John right now. John’s the true penis. (slow news story until Madison broke. CNN top article. How the Human Penis Lost it’s Spine. ha since when? That’s a sexist article anyway. I’d much rather give a girl an oily massage first then do some fun. Rather please her first. Although clearly it’s being stuck in places where it never went before with all this mouth and anal cancer going around. zzzzzz Did use the word F*ck for the first time on twitter after the Wisconsin thing went down.