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By March 10, 2011Nat-news

Awise spotted a new Gossip Cop entry about Natalie and Benjamin fighting over where to raise their child. Benjamin, the French man, wants to stay in New York and LA while Natalie, the New York and LA resident, apparently wants to move to Paris. This is according to In Touch.

Thankfully, Gossip Cop are kicking that rumour to the curb.

Why would Portman, who is from New York, choose to move to another continent – away from her parents with whom she’s incredibly close (she brought them to both the Golden Globes and the Oscars) – just as she’s about to have her first child?

She’s not.

A source close to the Oscar-winning actress tells Gossip Cop the couple is “not fighting about moving to Paris.”


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  • AMSSERME says:

    Although Natalie loves Paris,I don’t think she wants to live there.She is very close to her parents.Besides Ben lives and work in New York and in LA she has her home and the big studios where she can find work are located.If she goes to Paris,what will she do there? If the rumour is true it would be a temporary stay,not permanent.About Natalie and Ben fighting,that is B.S.Ben and Natalie love each other and they proved it during the awards season,where they showed their love for each other.When their child is born their love will be stronger.There are people who simply can’t accept this fact and they,in their envy and jealousy spread malicious rumours.I personally don’t believe this rumour.

  • Céd says:

    In touch, national enquierer and The Sun sucks and give 99% of fake news, although Natalie is Francophone and Francophile (Paris is her favorite town), i can’t imagine her to live in Paris, which make me happy to see my favorite actress living in capital of my country