Hesher SXSW Reviews

Hesher played at the SXSW (South by Southwest) festival in Austin yesterday. A few reviews are already filtering through and below you can find the first three.

The Candler Blog thought it was a “very good film”.

Also present is Natalie Portman, who hearkens back to her Garden State quirkiness as Nicole, the frumpy-hipster-hot grocery store clerk who serves as T.J.’s inappropriate love interest/muse. It’s a refreshing role for Portman. Unlike her starring role in The Other Woman she actually fits in Nicole’s shoes. It’s weird; she is a glamorous movie star and yet it’s the simpler, smaller roles that she fleshes out more successfully.

Spout seemed to really enjoy Hesher as well, but weren’t as thrilled with Rainn Wilson’s other film, Super.

The character could have been a total cartoon, and at times he is completely ridiculous, yet Gordon-Levitt plays him perfectly with clear signs of humanity.

– However, The Playlist only gave the film a C+ score.

In the end, “Hesher” is the type of movie that rubs you the wrong way and puzzles you in certain ways where you can’t tell if the filmmakers are being emotionally engaging or stimulating… or just plain annoying.