PPZ Update

In case you haven’t been following, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was set to star Natalie with her production company producing. David O. Russell (The Fighter) was writing and directing. After turning in a script that everyone seemed to like, Russell dropped out because he thought the budget was too small. Natalie also dropped out, claiming that she was now too old for the role. Next up was Mike White (School Of Rock) but a few weeks later he also dropped it, citing scheduling issues.

So the project is currently without a director, but Natalie is still producing, which is why we’re mentioning this at all.

Last we heard was that Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl) was in talks, but THR are suggesting that the author of the novel, Seth Grahame-Smith, is in talks to direct with David Katzenberg (Jeffrey Katzenberg’s son). Since they’ve never directed a feature before, and considering the budgetary challenges that Russell cited, this would surely be a big roll of the dice.