It’s been awhile since we’ve had a batch of mini updates.

– Natalie has been named one of Playboy’s 27 Sexiest Celebrities of 2011, along with another gorgeous South African export – Candice Boucher.

– America’s Next Top Model judge, Nigel Barker, had some Natalie comments prior to the Oscars.

Although he is not banking on movie stardom, Barker has hedged his bets on this year’s Oscars. He has his money on “The Social Network” for best picture and Natalie Portman for best-dressed. “I think she’s just stunning and she’s got that special edge to her,” says Barker. “I love the character she plays [in Black Swan] and I feel that she’s still kind of in that zone a little bit. When I see her eyes when she’s being photographed, there’s a wicked side.”

– And finally, Natalie answers some letters about parenting and motherhood advice 😉