It’s a rumour heavy edition of tidbits today.

– Total Film Magazine has an interview, which I can’t find, with Natalie in which she says she maybe should have gone to rehab after Black Swan, instead of going straight into filming Thor. Yahoo reports on it here.

– Has Natalie turned into a germaphobe, with the birth of her baby not far away? The Vancouver Sun seems to think so.

– Apparently, a rumour has been surfacing that Natalie donated $50 million, back in 2005, to the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. The rumour started when a blogger mixed up Natalie’s support of the hospital with the actual report that the hospital had raised $50 million in 2 years. You can read the debunking of the rumour here, Natalie’s visit to the hospital here, and Natalie attending the opening ceremony for the hospital over here.