Ben Speaks His Mind

Natalie’s fiance, Benjamin Millepied, has commented on the Sarah Lane controversy (What’s that you ask? Click here and here) and clarified the situation once again.

“It was so believable, it was fantastic, that beautiful movement quality, ” he says. “There are articles now talking about her dance double [American Ballet Theatre dancer Sarah Lane] that are making it sound like [Lane] did a lot of the work, but really, she just did the footwork, and the fouettés, and one diagonal [phrase] in the studio. Honestly, 85% of that movie is Natalie.”

The quote is part of a larger article about Ben over at the LA Times and is definitely worth a read. I particularly liked this little bud nip.

And would they ever think of collaborating again on a dance project? “No!” Millepied says, laughing. “I mean I think this was a phenomenal, unforgettable experience. But there are no plans to collaborate again in the future.”