Danny’s Turn

By March 30, 2011Nat-news

Through this extended drama we’ve heard almost everyone’s two cents, but there is one person that I’m sure we’ve all hoped would weigh in – Danny McBride. What does he think of the whole controversy? The answer lies below.


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  • revrezner says:

    just saw 2 different commercials for your highness and both Natalie rear is un-edited on adult swim. both the one animated one with the pop out book and the original commercial. looks good in HD lol.

  • Beti-88 says:

    If he’s this ‘funny’ in Your Highness, well, gentlemen, we are in big trouble.

  • frodo97 says:

    LOL! He is so silly! That’s really funny!! Glad to hear someone with a sense of humor about this whole ridiculous thing. I’ve tried to argue some sense in to the Natalie haters on the Yahoo! boards but I’m done with it. Nobody will remember that stupid woman for nothing but being jealous of Nat’s success…or as a lawyer on the court channel said ‘she’s just trying to steal some of Natalie’s thunder’.

  • Jecca101 says:

    Thank you for posting this. He’s so GREAT!

  • Jecca101 says:

    I love how me made fun of the % battle!!!