10 Facts Your Never Knew About Black Swan

Using my connections and putting in a ton of research, I’ve put together a list of 10 interesting Black Swan facts that might have escaped your attention. A big thanks to Celina and Rachel for the graphical assistance.


Director Aronofsky asked Natalie for several personal photos to be integrated within the collage of paintings in the bedroom of Nina’s mother.


The exact moment that Benjamin Millepied realized that he loved Natalie. Also the moment that Natalie realized Benjamin was standing on her already bruised toes.


The crotch, pictured below, is a stunt crotch. The double used felt she deserved more credit but, at the time of writing, has chosen not to contact the media. In addition to that, the hands on Thomas Leroy’s watch remain frozen in time, representing that the dominating male director archetype is a part of ballet’s past, present and, unfortunately, it’s future too.


On the first day of filming, the wardrobe department forget to bring the selected set of scarves. A master at finding solutions to any problem, Aronofsky removed his own scarf and handed it to Natalie to use. Style gurus admit that the scarf really tied the outfit together, making it a very happy accident.


A walk on cameo from former presidential candidate. and life long ballet fan, Senator John McCain. The scene, which originally called for nothing but a suggestive wink towards Natalie’s character, was entirely improvised by Senator McCain. Aronofsky later commented, “The senator has great instincts, acting chops and real balls.”


The production took a real blow when a billion dollar company, that makes bath and body products, pulled out of a verbal agreement to pay for product placements in the bathroom scene below. This is why the product labels were turned away from the camera. A company insider admitted, “We just felt there was too much competition for the eyes in that scene.


Natalie received several injuries on the set of Black Swan. The most famous, as it was included in the film, was a rib injury. Natalie had injured her ankle and, because the production could not afford a medic on set, the boom mic operator offered to help. After several minutes of jabbing Natalie in the stomach, Natalie instructed everyone that her rib was now injured. She did, however, admit that her ankle was feeling a lot better.


A stuffed rabbit toy was given to Natalie from the set designer of Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and when discussing the decoration of her child like room in Black Swan, Natalie suggested the rabbit be included. When asked, the rabbit said he preferred his time on Black Swan.


Aronofsky had his special effects team insert Jar-Jar Binks into the frenetic night club scene. He was only to appear for a single frame, but George Lucas, fearing the appearance would cheapen such a noble character, insisted that Jar-Jar be removed.


The production had many difficulties but chief among them was Darren Aronofsky’s mustache, which is widely known in industry circles as being disruptively mischievous on sets. In fact, it is widely believed that Brad Pitt exited The Fountain, causing the production of the film to shut down, because Aronofsky’s mustache would not leave him alone. The two would later make peace and even went on to collaborate on Inglorious Basterds.

The Black Swan cast had a bit more of a stiff upper lip about it, even though dozens of takes were ruined by cameo appearances from Aronofsky’s mustache.

Hope you all enjoyed that. I’m ashamed to admit that I completely forgot about April Fools until driving home late yesterday afternoon. As far as last minute ideas go, I don’t think this turned out too bad.