New Poll + YH Anticipation Results

It dawned on me that I don’t believe we ever did a poll on the Sarah Lane situation. Now that it seems to be pretty much at an end, I want to know who comes out of the scandal worst?

The better late than never, LaneGate poll

As for the Your Highness poll results, a good 70% are chomping at the bit in anticipation for the film. Full results are after the jump.

Are you planning to see Your Highness opening weekend?

Yes, without a doubt. – 45.8% (76 votes)

If it was opening near me I would. – 23.5% (39 votes)

No, I’m in no rush. – 16.9% (28 votes)

No, I have no interest at all. – 7.8% (13 votes)

I’m interested but not completely sold yet. – 6% (10 votes)