Quite an eclectic batch of mini news items today.

– Some of the investors in Hesher are bringing forth a lawsuit, as they claim that they were screwed over by being assured that their investment would be all that was required to complete the film. However, further investment came on board, resulting in their slice of the pie being seemingly wiped out. Thankfully, it seems Handsomecharlie Productions is not one of the companies being sued.

The Observer had an interview with Natalie’s dad, about his “reproductive thriller”, Misconception, and dropped this really cute quote.

“When I hold a baby that I knew as an embryo a year ago—I can’t even describe the feeling. It never goes away. And when I think that a few months down the road I’m going to hold the baby that’s going to be my grandchild…”

He didn’t finish the thought, but we got the idea.

– Finally, it seems director number 3 is about to sign on for Pride And Prejudice And Zombies. It’s Craig Gillespie, who did a pretty remarkable job with Lars And The Real Girl. Let’s hope that 3rd time’s the charm.