Thor Kapow

Thor had a panel and showed footage at England’s Kapow Comic Con and, much like the surprisingly positive CinemaCon footage last month, it seems to have gone down a treat. They showed over 20 minutes from the film and the AICN reporter was not expecting much going in, but admitted it was the highlight of day 1 at Kapow.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Tom Hiddleton (Loki) made an appearance in person and they had seen the finished film the night before.

They spoke about how, despite its fantastical themes and obviously other-wordly palette, in the end the movie works because it is about relationships between fathers and sons, brothers and brothers, and people. Tom said that was the way they humanised Thor as actors. Chris said that Kenneth Branagh was very passionate about the film from the beginning, keen to be true to both the comics and to the Norse legends. He described how Branagh (he calls him ‘Ken’) reduces each scene to its “barest, most intense elements” in order to keep it grounded in real human experience as much as possible.

Read the full report over here, just beware of spoilers.