Audio Interview Megapost

Along with all those TV show appearances that Natalie did last week, she also joined a number of radio shows for more Your Highness promotion.

We start with Matt and Leslie Today, which has Natalie describing Your Highness in one word, the host calling her Nina and Natalie promising that once Thor is out we won’t have to “hear or see me for a very long time”. 6 months is very long, right? A year tops? Gulp.

Even better is Natalie’s appearance on The Bert Show, which is a really fun interview, but has two genuinely interesting moments. The first is when Natalie talks about going back to vegetarian while pregnant, which has sparked off the vegan community (will probably get to that more in my next update) and the other is that once Natalie leaves, the hosts talk about Natalie’s appearance on the show. It’s quite a nice behind the curtain moment as the hosts wonder how the interview went, with them concluding that maybe interviews aren’t Natalie’s thing. Kinda funny when this is probably the most fun and excited that she’s sounded during promoting Your Highness.

We’re not done, hit the jump for more interviews.

Mix107.3 were quite smart. The interview starts off a bit slow but then they have a funny tidbit about McBride getting Natalie to throw an egg at someone. I think Natalie must feel a real relief when she gets asked something new and it made for a very funny little segment.

Next up is The Rod Ryan Show, which I just listened to but can’t even remember much…oh, they talked about her bald days. That was different.

Then we have Matty in the Morning, who is a bit more dry than some of the other hosts. He’s still rocked by Black Swan and that is actually the main focus of the interview.

Finally, Natalie is interviewed by Showbiz Shelly, who is hopefully a 15 year old girl. You might want to turn down your speakers a bit. The interview isn’t too bad as Natalie mentions the vegan veggie switch again and admits that she doesn’t think she’s ever heard a Justin Bieber song. Lucky woman.

Whew, that oughta keep you guys busy for awhile.