Not much else out there right now, so here are a few more mini updates for you guys to nibble on.

– Let’s start with some semi good news. Your Highness is now up to 4th in the Box Office chart, thanks to the best Sunday-Monday hold. It can’t become a success from here but hopefully it can save a bit of face.

– Of all the people who don’t like Your Highness, this guy might be the most interesting. It’s a warlock who wants us to boycott the film due to its negative portrayal of warlocks.

– Finally, the Jewish Chronicle praises Natalie for speaking out about John Galliano.

Instead, with great dignity and without rancor, Portman renounced her relationship with Galliano and the company that bankrolled his fame. This simple act of moral leadership and defiance set the stage for closing the curtain on Galliano.