Danny On Nat

A couple late to the party tidbits where Danny McBride talks about Natalie. The first is a video interview with the BBC, in which Danny talks about watching Natalie strip and getting to kiss her.

The second is an AP article, in which Danny reiterates how Nat was up for anything.

Danny said: “She was (one of the guys). I didn’t know Natalie before this film, I’d only seen her films, so I had no idea what she would be like.

“In a lot of her roles she’s very serious. It’s awesome to know she’s capable of those things but also can appreciate a good stoner film. She’s as cool as you would hope she’d be.”

The Eastbound And Down star was delighted to work with James again after Pineapple Express.

He said: “James is a great dude, he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He likes doing comedy and I think he’s really, really funny at it too and so it wasn’t hard to get James on.

“And surprisingly even Natalie was pretty easy to get on, She had read the script and was into it and wanted to do a comedy and so we were thrilled to have her be a part of it.”