The Ego Has Landed

When you read this post please imagine my brow as furrowed.

Natnat found a preview of Sarah Lane’s 20/20 appearance, which airs in full tonight. If anyone was expecting her to sing a different tune they’re going to be very disappointed it would seem.

In the course of just over 2 minutes, she says she’s not seeking attention (while sitting on ABC), that “they” are lying about the amount of dancing that Natalie did (even though Aronofsky produced exact numbers for everyone to see), tries to play down how big a deal the controversy is in the ballet world with “it’s just a movie” (so why go on and on about it? just get on with your life already!), that she expected Natalie not to mention her at the Oscars and isn’t disgruntled about it (if this is not disgruntled I would hate to see what it would be like if she had been) and her last comment is how she wishes Natalie had said some nice things about the ballet world as well (once again willfully ignoring plenty of examples where Natalie did just that).

I hope that the interviewer will call her out on some of this BS, but looking at the “oh you poor thing” look on the interviewers face, I’m not holding my breath.