Yet More Lanegate

ABC now have an article complimenting the 20/20 special, and there are a few interesting passages. Firstly, it was nice to see that they contacted the Black Swan editor and we got a few more facts out of it.

“Black Swan” editor Andy Weisblum agreed to take a closer look for “20/20.” “There are about 35 shots that are full body shots in the movie. Of those 35 shots, 12 are Natalie, and then the rest are Sarah,” Weisblum said. “But over the overall film, Natalie did a lot more than that. I mean, she did most of the other shots. It was sometimes hard for me to tell the difference as the editor, it was so close.”

Lane goes on to explain how the upper body shots, which make up most of the dancing in the film, aren’t really dancing. Okay, fine, but then all this fuss is over what…maybe a minute and a half of screen time?

“I’ve been doing this for 22 years, and to say that someone trained for a year and a half and did what I did is degrading not only to me but to the entire ballet world,” Lane said.

Let’s face facts here. Black Swan has been good for ballet and Natalie, whether Lane wants to admit it or not, was very complimentary towards her and to the ballet world. Has Lane shown the same respect towards the film world that SHE signed up to be a part of? Hell no. She’s tried to drag the whole production through the mud.

Natalie and Aronofsky and everyone else put a lot of work and effort into learning about the ballet world. They were able to mimic that world as best they could. It’s a shame Sarah couldn’t spend a tiny fraction of that time and effort to understand the world and the job that SHE was signing up for.