Natalie Devestated

That’s what the Sun Times would have us believe, with regards to Lanegate. They claim to have heard from friends of Natalie and it’s just more gossipy junk. Trying to milk every last drop out of a non story that never should have gone as far as it did. The quality of the piece is summed up by this excerpt below.

On top of everything else, another Portman body double — acting student Caroline Davis — stirred the pot for a different reason over the weekend. Davis revealed it was she and not Portman who stripped naked and jumped into a freezing pool for a scene in the comedy “Your Highness.” However, as one top Hollywood studio honcho pointed out, “That kind of thing is done by every top actress who wants to avoid nude scenes.”

Nice. Except it was Natalie who revealed that lake dive shot was a double. And it had nothing to do with nudity, rather it was a stunt that Natalie simply didn’t feel she had to perform.