You know the drill…

– Chris Hemsworth talks about Natalie in this new interview.

“The intimate stuff, you have to laugh at it,” the newlywed Chris tells our own Samantha Harris. “On one hand there’s an intimacy, but you’re also in front of 50 people and there’s some cameras pointing at you, so it’s kind of not intimate.”

Chris says he congratulated Natalie on her ‘Black Swan’ Best Actress win on Oscar night, and has true confidence in her upcoming real-life role as a first-time mother. “She’ll be incredible,” he says. “She’s wanted to have kids, I’m sure, for a long time, and is a lovely, caring human being and ticks all the boxes, so she’ll be great.”

– Speaking of Thor, the films numbers in Australia are definitely very impressive, beating out the first Iron Man by a very big margin. However, Fast Five is absolutely killing at the box office.

Here is a graphic that number crunches Natalie…with a faulty calculator. Quite a few mistakes but they credit us so…thanks, I guess.