Couple More Thor Reviews

Thor is still pulling in positive reviews and currently holds a 94% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I would imagine that would came down at least 10% when the full gamut of reviews arrive, but that’s still excellent going.

Obsessed With Film give Thor 3 and a half stars, but the review comes across even more positively than that.

It’s hugely entertaining, visually stunning, absorbing, and action-packed, and when Thor finally regains his power and summons a cascade of lightning it’s not just a moment of character regaining his destiny, but also of Hemsworth earning the right to wear the costume, no questions asked.

Portman and Skarsgård are naturally faultless in roles that require game participation more than heavyweight performance.

The Playlist is also on board with a B- review.

So, for the most part, a pleasant surprise, considering it had looked for some time like a major misfire. It won’t take its place in the superhero hall of fame alongside “X-Men 2” and “Spider-Man II,” but it’s also leagues above the 1990s camp fests that nearly killed the genre, and it’s certainly on the better end of the Marvel scale to date (for the record from best-to-not-the-best: “Iron Man,” “Thor,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Iron Man 2”). Whether audiences will show up remains to be seen, but word of mouth is likely to be good, and it’s hard not to walk out without a part of you looking forward to Thor crossing paths with his counterparts next summer.

Unfortunately, while the rest of the cast are strong, most get short shrift; like in most contemporary blockbusters Portman’s fine, but the role is underwritten, and the romance generally undercooked —hardly material for an Oscar winner.