New Poll + Thor Acclaim Results

As mentioned in the comments section, I am aware that some visitors would rather not have to see any candid sets of photos. I don’t want to revisit the candid debate itself, but what I want to gauge is how many people would prefer a text or set graphic link to a new candids gallery, so that they never have to view even a thumbnail.

The “let’s be candid?” poll

As for the previous poll, it was quite an even spread of voting for the reaction to Thor’s positive reviews. It seems quite a few of you had an inkling that it would all turn out for the best. Full results are after the jump.

Did you expect Thor would be getting the good reviews that it’s getting?

I had a feeling it might surprise some people. – 27.3% (47 votes)

I had some hope but definitely wasn’t expecting it. – 26.2% (45 votes)

Yes, I knew it would be good. – 20.3% (35 votes)

Good reviews or bad, I only care what I think of the film. – 15.1% (26 votes)

No, not in a million years. – 11% (19 votes)