Overexposure, bare chests and ass kissing in today’s batch of mini updates.

– Stellan Skarsgard talks about Natalie being a big reason for him signing on to do Thor.

“It’s not a gigantic part—but the project, for me, was attractive for several reasons. First of all, it was working with Ken that really brought me to the project. Then I heard that I would mainly be working with Natalie, with whom I fell in love as an actress and a human being during ‘Goya’s Ghosts.’ Aside from any great, huge psychological weight to my character or massive amounts of screen time, these were fantastic reasons to sign on.”

– A Detroit News piece about Natalie’s overexposure, although the writer acknowledges it’s not her fault and that after her motherhood break audiences will likely be happy to see her return to the screen.

– And finally, a new clip from Hesher. No Natalie this time though.