Thor Radio Interviews

As with Your Highness, given Natalie’s pregnancy she’s not able to do the normal promotional stuff. But actors need to support their films, so she’s once again hit the radio shows to promote Thor.

Let’s start off with the most interesting interview – Mojo In The Morning. They get Nat to talk about her butt, about how she still maintains that she doesn’t know the sex of her baby…she even comments on the dance double situation and stands up for Sarah Lane a bit.

Next up is the kinda annoying Phil and Young Ron Show. It takes a few minutes before Natalie calls in, the host from The Amazing Race joins in and they play a gag on Natalie.

The Eric and Kathy podcast is next but you’ll have to skip to the 22 minute mark for Natalie’s appearance, where she talks about ice cream, swollen feet and how she doesn’t think her friends would talk to the tabloids.

Elliott In The Morning doesn’t really cover any new ground.