Black Swan Photo And Interview

Rachel found this gorgeous photo of a costume fitting on Black Swan, and I don’t think she’s used it yet…so I’m going to steal it. Suck on that, Rachel!

Accompanying that, we have an interview with Natalie for the DVD launch in the UK. A lot of the quotes have been seen before but there’s some good new stuff (to me at least) in there as well.

On why working so hard the last couple years was partly a mistake:

It’s been a very strange time in the film industry where things fall apart. This film only had its financing for real only two weeks after we started shooting. It was always going to happen, then kept falling apart. Shooting was delayed four or five times. Films rarely come together. I committed to things that I really liked, but none of which were really solid, except for Thor. Thor was the only one that was really happening, and then everything happened. Every film got financed. So I ended up doing four films in a row – and this was the second. It…won’t happen again!

On being a pleasure seeker:

I can’t cause myself pain. I’m the opposite of that. I get acupuncture. I go swimming. I like to cook. I like hanging out with my friends! When I’m not working, I need those days where I just stare at the wall for a few hours and refresh by doing absolutely nothing. I can relax, but when I work, I want to do the best job. I also think there’s a discipline to also being a good person while you’re working. There’s people who can lose their humanity in the name of their work and I have no patience for that.

On fears:

I’m afraid of a lot. I’m not a danger seeker. I mean I like extreme experiences but not ones that I feel will threaten my life, you know. I like scuba diving but I wouldn’t free-dive. I’m afraid of everything! Work-wise I try and do things that scare me because I know they are gonna challenge me but I really didn’t know what I was in for with this. I didn’t realise what it was gonna be like. But it was amazing. I like trying everything. I always wanna do things that I haven’t done before. That is my main criteria. And also things that interested me in the moment. I feel I can explore with the roles.

On understanding that the positives outweigh the negatives of being famous:

I am able to. I feel very, very lucky – to be able to have a relatively private life. I mean, it’s not like my non-actor friends. I have more infringement on my privacy than them but it’s also nothing I can complain about.