Just two tidbits today but they’re goodies.

– First up, my man crush Joseph Gordon-Levitt, has some really nice things to say about Natalie in this new Huffington Post piece.

“Natalie is someone I’ve just admired ever since I saw ‘The Professional,'” he admitted. “She’s such a great actor, and yeah, she’s produced ‘Hesher,’ it’s the first movie her production company has produced, and what a cool thing to do that with. If you’re Natalie Portman, you can produce some huge Hollywood money maker, but she chose to do this little movie because she believed in the story and she believed in the filmmaker. It’s the kind of movie that wouldn’t necessarily get made without a little help from someone like her.”

– Then Natalie also gets a mention in the popular Over The Hedge comic…which reminds me I need to freaking come up with an idea for the new less popular NP.COMic.