New Poll + Unowrthy Performance Results

The new poll is about Hesher. Like the Thor poll from a week or two back, I want to know who has seen it and how much of a priority it is for those who haven’t.

The Hesher anticipation poll

The previous poll, about the least deserving Natalie role, didn’t kick up too many surprises. The Cold Mountain performance was usurped by V for Vendetta, which isn’t surprising given how popular V is, but the rest fell in line with the article that sparked the poll. Personally, I’d have flipped Sara and Evey.

Results are after the jump…

Which film from this 6 best Natalie performances list is the LEAST deserving?

Sara in Cold Mountain – 46.2% (117 votes)

Evey in V for Vendetta – 20.9% (53 votes)

Sam in Garden State – 15.4% (39 votes)

Alice in Closer – 9.5% (24 votes)

Mathilda in The Professional – 5.1% (13 votes)

Nina in Black Swan – 2.8% (7 votes)