Still pretty quiet on the news front but below are a few bits and pieces to ease the pain.

– Let’s start off with a review of The Other Woman for the DVD release of the film. It’s a VERY positive review and a total contrast to my “meh” review the other day. Personally, I find the comment below absolutely ridiculous, but the film does seem to have it’s fans, so I’d encourage you guys to see for yourself.

Portman has never been better, creating a fully realized character that makes bad choices we oddly understand. She can go from a woman we don’t respect, to a broken human being that demands our empathy. This is truly her best role to date. Her Emilia is more complex than her ’nutso’ ballerina in “Black Swan” was, and if any role deserved to win her the Oscar, it was this.

– Speaking of Black Swan, I’m not sure if I ever mentioned that it won the PRISM award. What is the PRISM award?

“The PRISM Awards honor productions that are both entertaining and realistic in their depiction of the prevention, treatment, and recovery process of substance use and mental illness, and which do not exploit these topics”

– And it doesn’t get more tidbitty than this. Black Swan meet’s baseball.