New Poll + Hesher Results

On other sites I’ve seen a lot of comments along the lines of “she’s been pregnant forever!” and “is that baby ever going to arrive?”. They’re kind of ridiculous because Natalie isn’t some medical marvel. It may SEEM like it’s been a long time but surely these people realize that, actually, it’s probably been about as long as most other pregnancies.

But since we are presumably getting very close now, I thought I’d do a silly poll for you guys to guess when Nat Jnr. will enter the world. Feel free to give your guesses in the comments section as well. Winner gets…errr…bragging rights?

I’m going for June 9, just because it’d be ridiculous to have Natalie, Natalie’s mom and Nat Jnr. all born on the same day.

The Birthday Poll

As for the Hesher results, 50% of voters were raring and ready to watch Hesher in theatres while on the other side of the coin, and this sums up the Hesher situation, only 1 vote was given to “I’ve already seen it”.

Results are after the jump…

When are you planning to see Hesher?

As soon or if it opens in theatres near me – 39.8% (53 votes)

I’ll wait for DVD/TV – 26.3% (35 votes)

I have no plans to watch it – 21.1% (28 votes)

Very soon – 12% (16 votes)

I’ve already seen it – 0.8% (1 votes)