Ben Ben Ben Ben Benly Ben Ben Beeeeen

Imagine that title with the Two and a Half Men theme tune. This is somewhat of a tibdits update, with Benjamin Millepied being the primary focus.

– First up is a cute little story about Natalie surprising Ben with a ballet photograph that he fell in love with in an antiques store.

“From the store, she rang her art dealer, who said it was a great investment and she should buy it. The price, $900, was fantastic too.” The fact that the store didn’t take credit cards didn’t stop Natalie either. “She was so excited to buy it for, she ran to the local bank to take out $900 in cash to pay for the piece,” says the insider. “Benjamin was so happy!”

I have no idea if that story is true, but if so Natalie might have set a dangerous precedent. You can bet your ass that from now on, every time they go into a store, Ben is going to be proclaiming his love for a lot more eye catching items. Followed by a nudge to Natalie’s side and some puppy dog eyes.

I kid I kid. More Ben-ness after the jump…

– Next up is an interview with USA Today, in promotion of his work for Yves Saint Laurent. He talks about also slowing down his work when their baby is born but does have interests in doing more directing in the film industry. He also says that the ballet world is not impressed by his Black Swan achievements.

“At this point, I’m not recognized. You can make a choice of where you live and how you live your life. Those things make a difference in regards to your privacy,” he says. “It’s incredibly important for mental health and also to be able to live as a human being and as an artist to feel free. The privacy aspect is a matter of choice.”

It’s also why he clams up when Portman is mentioned, silencing you with a cool look. “Staying private is a good thing,” he says, explaining why he doesn’t discuss his fiancée.

– Lastly, an article in Allure. There’s not much Nat content but if you’re interested in Ben it could be worth a read.