MTV Awards Plumb The Depths

It was a crappy night for us Natalie fans as not only did Natalie not make an MTV Movie Awards appearance, she didn’t win any awards either. All of these things were expected of course, but I’m still a bit grumpy all the same.

Best Movie went to Twilight. Best Kiss went to Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson from Twilight. Best Actress went to Kristen Stewart. And Best Jaw Dropping Moment went to Justin Bieber, which is a jaw dropping moment of its own.

Of course, I pretty much called all of those when I first posted about the nominations, but that says more about the predictable taste levels of MTV viewers than it does my predicting skills.

It sounds as though Kristen Stewart mentioned Natalie during her acceptance speech, and looked rather embarrassed to have won over her, but the clip isn’t on the MTV site yet (probably because Bieber and Pattison weren’t involved).