He Hath Arrived Tidbits

I’m sure there will be more of these over the next few days.

– Reelz have a video, which tries to collate some parenting advice for Natalie, from her own parenting roles in film. They don’t seem to embed so hop skip jump.

– Next up is a cute letter to Natalie from Death Star PR. The full letter is here and below is a little taster.

This is a sensitive subject, Natalie, but we need to talk to you about Magic powers. Does the idea of your son moving things with the power of his mind, or enslaving lesser people’s minds to his will sound good? Well it’s not. He’ll never get out of bed to do his chores, he’ll always win at Jenga and you’ll always end up eating whatever he wants for dinner.

– And finally, Ellen DeGeneres tweeted this…

I’m so happy for my dance protégée Natalie Portman and her new baby boy! Congratulations!