Baby Gifts

ABC News has a “humorous” article up, featuring 10 baby gift ideas for Natalie’s baby boy. Try and stifle those groans…

1. A set of Baby Einstein tapes, so the lil’ one will be as smart as his mama.

2. Baby-sized vegan shoes.

3. Free therapy sessions, for when he inevitably watches “Black Swan” and is thoroughly disturbed.

4. Queen Amidala action figures, so he baby can understand just how awesome its mom is.

5. A ballerina jewelry box, just like the one Natalie’s character had in “Black Swan.”

6. A pink baby wig, just like the one mommy wore in the infamous strip club scene in “Closer.”

7. Baby dance lessons. Duh.

8. A mime costume, since papa is French.

9. A video camera. Natalie directed a short in the 2008 Venice Film Festival and Benjamin just co-directed the film “Time Doesn’t Stand Still.” Their home videos should be very artistic.

10. Lots of Shins albums for him to listen to in the nursery. Since the band changed mama’s life in “Garden State.”