Power Of A Girl

A winner has been announced for the Power OF A Girl initiative, lead by Natalie, and the prizes are pretty cool but we’ll get to them. Free The Children set up a girls school in Kenya and this initiative/contest was to encourage girls in Canada, USA and the UK to raise awareness and funds for this good cause.

The winner was Kate Ashwood from Ontario, and here’s what this 13 year old girl won for her efforts.

So, after months of bake sales, speeches and bringing her community together, what exactly did Kate win? The Power of a Girl Initiative, backed by Natalie Portman, will be rewarding her amazing work over the past few months with the following:

• A special letter from Oscar Winner Natalie Portman
• Natalie Portman’s Rodarte designer dress, which she wore to the premiere of Black Swan at the American Film Institute
• A Me to We trip to Kenya in the summer of 2011, where she will have the opportunity to meet some of the girls from Kisaruni

Wait, so to get a letter from Natalie, all I needed to do was be a good person? Dammit, now you tell me!