Okay, But What About The Last Name?

By July 7, 2011Nat-news

We’ve got one more bit of news about the baby name and then hopefully this is the end of it because, damn, this is some boring news. In any case, Contact Music report the story that we’ve all heard, but they add a new detail – the boy will have the last name of Portman-Millepied.

Not exactly jaw dropping news, but a few perplexed chin strokes out there considering Portman isn’t Natalie’s real name. Then again, I don’t know what usually happens in cases like this. Do kids normally take on the stage names of their parents?


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  • violet-skye says:

    I don’t know about the United States, but here in France, kids of celebs always have the real last name of their parents. Examples are multiple. If they become actors or singers, they eventually take their parent stage name but not always. So it would very odd if the boy was to be named Portman and not Hershlag, because it’s a secret for anybody what her real name is…
    But aren’t the Jolie-Pitts named after Angelina Jolie’s stage name as well?

  • Herzwerk R.O.D says:

    I don’t know in the US, but in France, kids can have the stage name of their parents.
    The most famous singer here is Johnny Hallyday (real name : Jean-Philippe Smet), and his son is called David Hallyday.
    But apparently, you need to have all the names on the passport (in our case, Alef H*****-Portman-Millepied).

  • Herzwerk R.O.D says:

    More info about my previous comment, on the passport thing:
    in France, you have the “real” name on a line (Alef H***-Millepied) and under it, on another line, the “everyday” name (I don’t know the exact word, in French it’s “nom d’usage”).

  • huc says:

    I’m doubting Portman-Millepied would be the actual name. My guess would be Millepied-Hershlag. But then again, who knows. Maybe they want something distinctive for the baby.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Like huc, I doubt the last name will include Portman since it’s just a stage name. But on the topic of the forename, I feel like if it was being incorrectly reported, Natalie and Ben or a publicist would have made some kind of statement already.

  • dazza says:

    It could be one of those snowballing rumours, however, and correct me if I’m wrong, aren’t People quite accurate as far as the tabloid-y universe is concerned? They were the ones that broke the engaged/pregnant news.

  • omgzrachel says:

    People is pretty legit as far as tabloids go.

  • jen.evar says:

    I don’t think the baby’s name could legally be Portman-Millepied because I don’t believe Natalie has ever had her name legally changed to Portman from Hershlag. There have been interviews and articles saying that her driver’s license and passport has Hershlag and that she attended Harvard using Hershlag instead of Portman. I think to relay a name onto a child it has to be your legal name you use. I would assume she only uses Portman for anything related to her film career.
    My best guess if they use a hyphenated name would most likely, and legally, be Hershlag-Millepied. However, in the interest of privacy they might just be telling the public Portman instead of Hershlag. Despite Natalie’s somewhat boomed fame since Black Swan I don’t think a majority of people know Portman is just a stage name she uses.

  • clone says:

    I would say Hershlag cause she is the only child her parents had and this way her son will carry her familys surname not Bens since his got 2 brothers.

  • cincy1234 says:

    They way I took the People article was that “Alef” was the only part of the name they confirmed. I think they just took a guess at the last name. The last name seems weird because as already mentioned, Hershlag is Nat’s legal name, not Portman. But I suppose you can name a child anything you want.