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By July 14, 2011Nat-news

Gawker is reporting on Lindsay Lohan’s latest misadventures. A few months ago she posed for a Plum Magazine photoshoot and was supposed to do an interview as well. But Lohan bailed on the interview (shocking, I know) so Plum chose to write about Lohan’s behaviour on the shoot. If you like funny/depressing/bad celebrity behaviour, you can give it a read over here. Just be forewarned that there’s an image that is a bit NSFW.

What has this got to do with Natalie? Well, apparently Lohan complains about pretty much everything – including not being considered for Black Swan.

She said she “took ballet until she was 19 and was indignant that she was not considered for the movie Black Swan.”

I’m not sure even Aronofsky and his talented mustache could have pulled that one out of the fire.


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  • aygswithlaygs says:

    LOLZ…. oh I’m sorry Lindsay. Were you making a joke?

  • jen.evar says:

    I can’t even begin to describe how funny this truly is.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Does anybody remember when she told Ellen Degeneres that Natalie was helping her turn her life around?

  • Jenski says:

    That photo is hilarious given the quote.

    Black Swan is the sort of film that could have easily ended up being crap; it all depended on the director and actress. Aronofsky and Portman handled it as well as possible, imo, but with Lohan?! It would have been utter crap, I think.

    Rachel, I remember that quote. I think she also mentioned something to W magazine about how she and Natalie were planning to do a movie together. She’s nuts.