Expensive Cloud

In lieu of actual Natalie film news, let’s talk about a film that got away – Cloud Atlas. Natalie loves the book, which I recently bought myself, and was loosely attached to the project last year, no doubt thanks to her previous working relationships with the Wachowski’s (V for Vendetta) and Tom Tykwer (Paris Je T’aime).

Unfortunately, for us, the film is moving ahead towards a fall shoot and with Natalie’s hiatus, she is no longer involved. While the project sounds really great and ambitious, those who worry about the financial success of brand Natalie might be pleased this didn’t work out.

As with the expensive sci-fi project, Gravity, which Natalie was also supposedly offered by friend Alfonso Cuaron, Cloud Atlas is looking like a really big financial risk.

The Playlist reports that the budget, which was already a German record at $100 million, has now ballooned to $150 million. That’s a lot for a weird arty sci-fi flick, but maybe it will make more sense once I’ve read the book.