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You know news is scarce when I’ve been looking for enough content to just be able to throw together a tidbits update.

– You could have probably heard more cry of relief as I was doing the dishes earlier and heard Natalie’s name while listening to the Hollywood Babble-on podcast. About half an hour in, hosts Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith started talking about Natalie’s son and…well…basically making fun of his name. Considering those two guys, poor Aleph actually got off lightly.

Huffington Post thinks perfume ad model, Nine d’Urso, is a dead ringer for Natalie. I can’t say that I really see it, although if you take away the chin, nose and mouth…maybe. But the chin, nose and mouth are kind of important when it comes to, you know, the face! What do you guys think?

– And finally, if you haven’t voted in our epic and incredibly closely run actor poll yet, you have just one day left!


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